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Law office Knezevic Legal is a law firm based in Belgrade (Serbia) that specializes in wide areas of corporate and commercial law. Law Office Knezevic Legal is ambitious and innovative office, striving for long-term cooperation with its clients, based on the principles of trust, offering to its international and local clients high quality legal services meeting the highest standards of modern legal industry.

Our clients may expect plenty of useful suggestions based on knowledge and commitment, all aimed at resolving of legal issue in the manner that is most suitable for the needs and expectations of the client. At any time, you can rely on our discretion, professionalism and ability to solve your legal issues in the fastest and most efficient way. Additionally, our law firm has permanent cooperation with reputable law firms and specialists engaged in legal industry all over the South East Europe countries so that we can support wide range of regional projects and complex cross-border transactions that might be requested by our clients.

Partner Irena Knezević

She was born in Belgrade. She has ten years of experience in the practice of corporate law. She graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, in 2011 with an average grade of over 9.00 (business-legal profile). Subsequently, she enrolled in the master’s studies, business-legal profile, at the same faculty and she acquired the title of a Master of Laws in business-corporate law.

In 2014, she passed the bar exam at Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia, and afterwards the attorney test in front of the Bar Association of Belgrade, registering herself in the Directory of Lawyers. During her studies, she attended numerous professional practices in various institutions (court, ministry, public company, People’s Office of the President of the Republic) gaining experience in various legal sectors and fields.

Prior to the independent start-up of the lawyer’s practice, she worked as a trainee and lawyer associate in two renowned law firms specializing in the field of commercial law in which, apart from commercial law, she dealt with labour law, law of obligations and representation in civil law proceedings. Irena speaks fluent English and uses French.

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Partner Rade Knezević

Rade Knezevic was born in Uzice in a family of legal professionals. He graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade in 2012 with a high average grade (judicial-administrative profile). During the studies, he wrote several professional and seminar papers, some of which were awarded. After graduation, he enrolled in postgraduate studies. By defending the Master‘s Thesis, he acquired the title of a Master of Law.

During his legal internship in law, he had the opportunity to learn the craft from well-known Belgrade lawyers Milinko Bajčeta and Ilija Radulović.

In 2015, he passed the bar exam at Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia and subsequently the attorney test in front of the Bar Association of Belgrade. That same year he was registered in the Directory of Lawyers and began to work independently. He is mostly dealing with criminal law.

His commitment to law is testified by him ideologically creating and co-authoring the book issued by Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, entitled „Azbuka prava“ (in English: „Alphabet of Law“). The book is highly appreciated by the professional public.